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Accessories other than print heads are available, some of which take a tool position.

Tool Position Accessories

The following accessories are loaded into tool positions on the yoke:


See Lasers.

Spindle Tools

Intended for light drilling and routing operations (especially circuit board work), the ST1 provides between 500 and 5000 RMP (depending on load) to a 1/8" chuck. Our Repetrel software can process Gerber and DRL files for the Spindle Tool and/or the Lasers.

Other Tool Position Accessories

The following accessories each take up a tool position while performing more ancillary functions:

  • The Inspector microscope provides magnification.
  • The Quiet Storm fan provides additional cooling.
  • The Tramming Tool, provided with every printer, is used to level the build surface.

Non-Tool Position Accessories

The following accessories are not loaded into tool positions on the yoke:

  • The HTC - Enclosure Heater with Temperature Control is avialable in 120 and 240 VAC versions. Spec Sheet
  • The Feed Chamber Cooling Fan mounts on Hot Flow heads to provide additional cooling to the feed chamber. This is desirable with low temperature filaments like PLA.
  • The Printer Support Kit is included with every printer, and includes a build plate, blue tape, and a variety of handy tools like tweezers, razors, and a spatula.
  • The SDK - Software Developer's Kit provides hardware, software, and the source code for developing your own firmware for your own compatible heads.
  • The LTK - Luer Tip Kit provides an EMO to Luer adapter and a variety of luer lock needles.
  • The Syringe Kit provides syringes in quantity.
  • The Drill Bit Kit provides an assortment of drilling bits and end mills for the Spindle Tool.
  • The Filament Kit provides a variety of filaments to get you started with your printer.