Hydra 21

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The Hydra 21 is our new large format machine

Hydra 21.png

Technical Data

Technical specifications and accessory compatibility for printers currently shipping are detailed in the comparison chart on the Printer Overview page.


Here is an explanation of the internal electronics of the Hydra 21; click any images for larger versions:

Rear Panel

The Rear Panel has the AC Power (line in, hotbed, chamber heater) and Relays.

Actual Image:

H21 Rear.jpg

Front Panel

The Front Panel has the Tablet Interface Board (with STM429 Motion Controller) and External Ports.

Actual Image:

H21 Front.jpg


16A TIB 2021 L.jpg


  • The Hydra 21 was introduced in 2021, superseding the Hydra 16A.
  • All units are CE marked.