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Repetrel version 4.2.596 is available here!

New Users Start Here - Learn about our Equipment

At Hyrel, we do things differently. Please get a feel for how Hyrel equipment works with this pdf and with these videos:

  1. PDF: First Training Session
  2. Yt.png Session 1A: Hardware and Software Overview Video
  3. Yt.png Session 1B: Communications and Tramming Video
  4. Yt.png Session 1C: Setting Z-Zero and Emulsifiable Print Video

For more detailed instructions, please continue from this point on the Instrucions page.

Experienced Users Start Here - Compare our Models

Once you have an idea of how we do things, you should learn more about our different models of printer and our wide array of filament heads, emulsion/paste/liquid heads, laser options, spindle tools, and more.

1. Compare our various models with this chart.

2. Compare our various accessories with this chart.

Skeptical Users Start Here - Download and Try our Software for FREE

Our Repetrel Software controls all versions of our printers, as well as our in-house CNC machines and other side projects. Most of the features are explained on our Repetrel page.

To try it for yourself (limited without a Hyrel printer attached), just:

1. Install EcoSystems Apps.

2. Install Repetrel.

Full install instructions are at our New Install page.

DIY Users Start Here - Look at our Resources

1. Repetrel Overview

2. List of all Videos

3. Gcode Explained

4. Use links on the sidebar

Inquiring Users Start Here - Contact Us


Phone: +1 404-914-1748

Skype Name: hy.rel
Skype Location: Johns Creek, US

Can we print your material?

Probably... please tell us:

  1. What form it is in at room temperature (powder, granules, filament, gel, etc).
  2. Do you need the environment or build surface at a certain temperature?
  3. For Filaments:
    1. At what temperature will it be printed?
    2. Is it 1.75mm +/- 0.1mm?
  4. For liquids, gels, granules or powders:
    1. At what temperature will it be deposited?
    2. Is it homogeneous or pre-mixed, or do we need to mix it as we dispense?
      1. If mixed as dispensed, at static or dynamic ratios?
    3. How does it harden or cure (by cooling, by heating, with humidity, with UV light (specify wavelength))?
    4. Is it photosensitive? Energetic? Caustic? Any special handling, safety or ventilation requirements?
    5. What viscosity is it during deposition?

We also have partners in France and India, and CE marked units are available.

A Note about COVID-19, the latest Corona Virus

We are still building and shipping units, while abiding by safety recommendations.