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Motion Controller Firmware Listing (*.dfu files)
Which *.dfu file
should you use?

Look up driver type (left)

and printer type (below).
Hyrel Motor Stamps (on spine) Encoder Boxes (mounted near TIB) CANBUS Boards (on motors)
Fw stamps.png Fw encoders.png Fw canbus.jpg
EngineSR_30M_4.203c.dfu n/a Hydra_With_CanMotors_4.500C.dfu
(or newer)
EngineSR_30M_4.203c.dfu n/a Hydra_With_CanMotors_4.500C.dfu
(or newer)
n/a EngineHR_Hydra_4.203c.dfu Hydra_With_CanMotors_4.500C.dfu
(or newer)
n/a EngineHR_Hydra_4.203c.dfu n/a
n/a EngineHR_Hydra_4.203c.dfu Hydra_With_CanMotors_4.500C.dfu
(or newer)


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As of September, 2022 (dispite the confusing naming):

Firmware Versions as of August 2022 Download them from https://hyrel3d.com/updates/2022_DFUs.rar and place them in C:\Repetrel\bin\firmware
ESR and 30M EHR 16A H21
< Mar 2021 > Mar 2021 < Mar 2021 > Mar 2021 All All
EngineSR_30M_4.203c.dfu Hydra_With_CanMotors_4.500A.dfu EngineHR_Hydra_4.203c.dfu Hydra_With_CanMotors_4.500A.dfu EngineHR_Hydra_4.203c.dfu Hydra_With_CanMotors_4.500A.dfu

Firmware Listing
Printer Model Repetrel Version Firmware
All Hydra Models (3-, 4- and 5- axis) Repetrel 4.2.561 EngineHR_Hydra_4.203c.dfu (L)
Repetrel 3.084c Hydra 3.083m
Engine, High Resolution (EHR) Repetrel 4.2.561 EngineHR_Hydra_4.203c.dfu (L)
Repetrel 3.084c Hydra 3.083m
System 30M (and earlier Systems)
and Engine, Standard Resolution (ESR)
Repetrel 4.2.561 EngineSR_30M_4.203c.dfu (L)
Repetrel 3.084c Hyrel 3.083m
Repetrel 2.865 Version 2.415
Repetrel 1.85 Version 1.85

Main Sections
What is GCode?
Understanding the T
Controlling Movement
Controlling Temperature
Controlling Material Flow
Controlling Position and Offsets
Controlling Lasers and UV Pens
Controlling Spindles and Lathes
Reporting and Diagnostics
Controlling Aux Devices
Other Commands

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