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Hot Flow is our term for filament-based materials which are deposited at up to 450°C, depending on the head. As of January, 2016, our Hot Flow heads are only for 1.75mm filaments.

Materials for Hot Flow

The following materials can be printed from Hot Flow heads. Note that depending on the characteristics of your material, one head will be a better match than the others. See the "Recommended For" column in the table below.

Heads for Hot Flow

Hot Flow is available through the following heads:

The following table compares the properties of the various Hot Flow heads, including which heads are recommended for which materials. The MK1 heads drive matieral from one side, with a spring-loaded bearing system to maintain pressure and positioning. The MK2 heads drive the material from both sides, and are designed for more flexible filaments.

Hot Flow Head Properties
Head Min Temp Max Temp Filament Type Nozzle Recommended For
MK1-250 150°C 250°C Standard .35mm, .50mm, .75mm, 1.0mm ABS, LayBrick, LayWood, Nylon PC, PET, PETG, PETT, PLA, PP, PVA, T-Glase
MK2-250 150°C 250°C Flexible .35mm, .50mm, .75mm, 1.0mm BendLay, FilaFlex, Flex45, NinjaFlex, PlastInk Rubber
MK1-450 250°C 450°C Engineering .50mm PC, PEEK

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