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We do encourage all users to be on the latest release. You are welcome to remain on older versions, but we will only be able to provide limited support (and no bug fixes) to older versions. Please consider upgrading to the latest version.

NOTE: Our environment is intended to be run by the HYREL user in the operating system, with FULL ADMINISTRATOR rights and privileges, on a windows device running in American English as the native language. If you vary from this, results may be unpredictable.

Please note that version 4 and above require a ($250) license key to operate - see Licensing for details.

Please note that you should ensure that your ST-Link is working before you attempt this upgrade.

Please note that if you cannot perform the upgrade yourself, we charge a $100 service fee to help.

Upgrade Overview

The new Repetrel installer will also install the prerequisites, so the process is:

In brief:
1. Software (you are here now)
2. Firmware on Motion Controller as well as head/bed controllers
3. Settings on Motion Controller as well as head/bed controllers
4. Licensing if you were not already on v4.

Current Version: 4.2.603

There are always minor enhancements and bugfixes, so please use the latest, linked below.

The current version is recommended for all users:

  • Repetrel Program 4.2.603
  • Motion Controller Firmware 4.203c (lower case L)
  • Head/Bed Firmware 103_4.053c

To find out what version of Repetrel Software you are on now:

Rep mc version info.png

Which to use?

1. If this is a computer that hasn't run Repetrel v4 yet, please use the "Repetrel Installer Full".

2. If this is a computer that has run Repetrel v4 before, please rename your C:\Repetrel directory to C:\Repetrel_old (or whatever) and use the "Repetrel Installer Standard"

3. If you just upgraded a few weeks ago, and want to upgrade the binaries only, please use the "Repetrel Installer Light"

NOTE: Davo recommends saving your old repetrel folder as repetrel_(version) before doing ANY upgrade.

Repetrel Installer Full Download button.png

Use this to install in a fresh environment.

This download has it all - Repetrel, firmware, manuals, recipes, AND the Ecosystem Apps setup to install prerequisites.

Download the file and run it as Administrator.

Repetrel Installer Standard Download button.png

ALMOST EVERYONE SHOULD RUN THIS INSTALLER. I recommend FIRST renaming C:/Repetrel to C:/Repetrel_oldversion#, and THEN running this installer.

This download includes the latest (see above) complete Repetrel install, from C:\Repetrel on down, including software and firmware for your 407 (30M, ESR) or 429 (16A, EHR) Motion Controller, your 103 Print Head and Hot Bed Controllers, and controllers for the CO2 laser, 3-phase spindle tool, and extra axes.

Download the file and run it as Administrator.

As there have been some file location changes recently, we recommend renaming your old repetrel folder (perhaps to repetrel_something) and then doing this complete Repetrel install.

Repetrel Installer Light Download button.png

Actually, running the Repetrel Installer, above is almost always a better choice than this.

I'm required to post this link, which updates ONLY THE BINARIES, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING IT. It's much more effective to use the version above, Repetrel Installer Standard. Trust me - you DO want all the new recipes automatically added.

Repetrel BIN Folder Download button.png

This is, you guessed it, just the new bin folder.

Repetrel Drivers Download button.png

This only reinstalls the required drivers.

Installing Offline?

You may need the offline .net updater, available here.


For version 3.083_K, please visit 3_Install.

After Repetrel

Please proceed to steps at Firmware, Settings, and Licensing to complete your install or upgrade.